Darkness Guide

Hologram Wall systems are made with lasers, so they require darkness just as normal projectors do.
There is no exact requirement as to how dark a room needs to be, but the lighter it is the worse the holograms will look. There should be no windows that let in sunlight – having a completely dark room is always best.

An open door to a lighter environment is acceptable in most cases if the device is 2 meters away from the open door.

Sunlight is the worst thing for holograms, artificial light is tolerable in small amounts, but the hologram device’s tracking tools will not work if it can detect any sources of sunlight. A room that has no light at all will always work well.

Also, there should be no infrared devices in the room at all. These are devices that emit IR light – including some types of motion detecting alarm systems. There should also be no mirrors within 4 meters of a hologram device or it will not work correctly.

Hologram business tables must have more darkness than hologram walls or hologram rooms.