The Hologram Business Table

View the real world Holographically using one of our Hologram Devices


Hologram tables are large, flat surfaces with an embedded projection system. The device projects objects inside that look like they are rising out of the surface of the table up to roughly 1 meter.

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Use cases

The business table is used to show laser scans or photogrammetry models of cities. You can use your wand to zoom in to view tiny details, or zoom out to view your entire city. It can also be used to demonstrate polygon models such as CAD or architectural designs. Buildings can have numerous floors stored separately as bookmarks to be easily accessed during presentations.

Presentations can be made using animations or moveable objects for an interactive experience.

Special Features

You can connect the hologram table to an external monitor or projector to allow other people to see what the hologram table users are seeing. Alternatively, users can have a floating holographic camera they can move to show their choice of information on the external screen.

Size of Device

The Hologram Business Table is 2.1m (6.8ft) by 2.1m, with a height of 61.5cm (2ft). The screen is 1.2m (3.9ft) by 1.2m. However, we recommend a minimum floor space of 3mx3m (9.8ft) to comfortably use the Hologram Business Table.

Special requirements

 A dark room with enough space to walk around the table.

See our Darkness Guide for more details on this.


Holograms project up to 70cm from the surface of the table, or 1m down into the ground.

Number of users

Two direct users or two couples (couples consisting of a main user and a secondary user that must be on the same side of the table as the main user).

You can also have an additional group watching the external secondary screen or monitor

This device uses Axiom Holographics’ new Multi-User Hologram Technology. Normally multiple people cannot view holograms at the same time. For example, if one person is on the front of the table and another person is on the back then the hologram would make the back of a building for one, or front for the other, but could not do both at the same time.

We have overcome this problem with our new technology. We bend light waves to allow two people or two groups of people to see objects on the table from different sides.

Device comparison

Because this is a table shape, it is the best solution for looking at large flat areas like cities or land.
Other devices will allow one user to get close to an object, or multiple viewers to view an object from a distance. This is the only device that will allow two people to get very close to objects at the same time.

Creating new Content

The product comes with software that will allow you to make 3D holograms of small,  real world objects such as historical artefacts. You can upload your own 3D computer models to the table and prepare presentations with the. You can convert and upload laser scans and point cloud models as well as polygon models from most formats. You will also receive software for your PC that will help you make your content and presentations.

Alternatively, Axiom Holographics also supplies a cost-effective service where we can create the content you’d like to show.

See Content Creation for more details.