Our Holographic Arcade Games

This is just a collection of the games we have currently for sale bundled with our Holographic Arcade Machines, in batches of four.

We are constantly making more content, check back soon to see what’s new!

Aerial Assault

Lock your sights on your enemy and take to the skies over three different battlegrounds. Clash it out in the air and fight for the title of Top-Gun Pilot!

Artillery Striker

Lock and load your artillery, keep a keen eye and head to the battlefield as you tactically eliminate your opponent’s tanks.

Be careful not to destroy your own in the heat of the moment – this will cost you dearly!

Catapults & Castles

Aim your catapult at the village below and compete to raze the town and pillage the most treasure. Make sure you completely knock your target building down, lest your opponent snipe the treasure with the final blow!

Chinese Warriors

Evil Monsters have broken through the Great Wall and are threatening to destroy China!

Team up with a friend and wield an arsenal of rapidly changing weapons to hold back the invasion.

Can you hold out long enough to save China?

Dino Dash

Play with or against a friend as you try to gather as much fruit as you can before time runs out. Be warned, there are pre-historic dangers lurking between your village and the fruit tree!

Hungry Crocs

Chomp your way to victory as you snack on fish that attempt to swim past! Challenge your friends to eat the most fish in this fast, frantic, three-level button mashing frenzy!

Jungle Crane

Compete against a friend or work together in this holographic take on the memory game. Use the cranes to find the matching jungle critters and collect as many as you can before time runs out!

Naval Warfare

Get inside your enemy’s head as you strategically manage your limited supplies to sink their fleet before they sink yours. Conquer your opponent across three battlefields and become the captain of the high seas!

Rally Racer

Start your engines and take to the world’s first holographic racing track! Challenge your opponent on six different tracks, each varying in difficulty. You control acceleration, braking and BOOST! But control your speed; you don’t want to spin out and hit a wall!

Rich Kitty

Do your best to psyche your opponent out in a game of chance. Choose between three different chests to try and gather the most treasure, but be careful! Don’t get too greedy or you might wake Buster, and he’ll have no problem with taking your precious winnings!

Santa's Workshop

Play as one of Santa’s elves and work together with your friend as you hurry and build toys for all the good boys and girls of the world. The more you build, the more points you earn!

Stock Market Crash

Buy low, sell high – You’re an investor with cash to splash! Invest wisely, but don’t get greedy. If their value drops, you’re left penniless!

Challenge a friend and strive to win more wealth!

Well of Fruit

Your dinosaur friend is hungry, but he’s a picky eater! Feed him fruit rising out of the well, but be sure to only feed him what he’s after! The player with the better-fed dinosaur at the end is the winner!