How do I put content onto my Hologram Device?

As you embark on your journey with Axiom Holographics, we aim to provide you with a clear understanding of the diverse avenues available for delivering compelling holographic content to your devices. Our solutions cater to users of all backgrounds, ensuring seamless integration and maximum flexibility. Whether you are a novice or an industry professional, we have you covered.

  1. Easiest option
    Present and Holoverse Professional: At the core of our content ecosystem, you’ll find Present and Holoverse Professional, our proprietary software solutions. These platforms have been meticulously crafted to offer a streamlined and intuitive content creation experience. Design, develop, and refine your holographic scenes with ease. Enjoy rich interactivity and produce exceptional visualizations. Whether your content serves educational, business, or entertainment purposes, these tools empower you to bring your creative visions to life effortlessly.

  2. More control but requires more development
    Unity Engine and Unreal Engine Integration
    : Axiom Holographics seamlessly integrates with industry-leading engines, Unity and Unreal. For the experienced 3D developers and designers among us, this option extends the scope of your creativity. It leverages your existing expertise and opens doors to the unparalleled holographic realm. By harnessing the power of Unity and Unreal, you can craft fully immersive, visually striking holographic content and deploy it on our devices.

  3. Most control but requires most commitment
    Your Custom 3D Software: For users who prefer the familiarity of their preferred 3D modeling and animation software, Axiom Holographics offers comprehensive compatibility. Our devices can readily integrate with a broad spectrum of 3D software packages. This approach is designed to accommodate individuals with distinct software preferences and intricate workflows. You can seamlessly import your creations into our devices, ensuring a smooth transition from your familiar software environment to the captivating realm of 3D holograms.

These content delivery options represent the versatile toolkit that Axiom Holographics places at your disposal. Irrespective of your selection, we are steadfast in our commitment to guiding you toward content creation excellence. Whether your objectives revolve around education, business, entertainment, or any other field, Axiom Holographics invites you to unleash your creativity and embrace the future of immersive 3D holograms.

Present and Holoverse Professional

Present is a desktop/laptop companion software for Holoverse Professional (which is what runs on the Hologram Device itself). Present allows users to easily make custom content and presentations without having to write any code. Imagine Microsoft PowerPoint but for 3D scenes. You have bookmarks, which are like slides, and each bookmark can contain whatever you want.

File formats formats for custom content

The simple drag and drop interface will take most forms of polygon model including FBX and OBJ.
The system supports animation and materials, as well as a wide array of lighting effects.


Multiple models can be put into scenes and then bookmarked.
Bookmarked scenes can contain animations and interactive elements.
Bookmarks can be accessed from a list, by moving from one to the next like a presentation, or by activating them like objects.

Very Powerful

The system utilizes Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail engine to display point cloud data. This allows you to display models of almost any size once converted to this proprietary .UDS format.

Once in this format we have had success storing and rendering models the size of countries on our hologram devices. View entire cities with real-time data feeds on a Hologram Table or fly around the countryside like Superman in a Hologram Room as you plan out new works.


A Hologram Presentation can connect sound files directly to each bookmark, or it can have a music file or soundtrack playing in the background over the whole project.

USB or Network Drive

Once you’ve made your presentation in Present, you’ll have an easy export button that, when pressed, will generate a set of files ready for you to copy to your Hologram Device. If you have a network drive set up, simply export your presentation there. From here, open Holoverse Professional on your Hologram Device and load your presentation from the Load Presentation menu.

Present allows you to load in all kinds of 3D model formats and control how they look.

Designed for ease-of-use, Present offers a suite of features to make exactly what you can imagine.

Holographic Museums allow you to see limited collections of objects you couldn't otherwise access

Modern photogrammetry can perfectly capture real-world objects, perfect for museums.

Importing Objects from Reality

We can also guide you on how to make hologram copies of real world objects using photogrammetry.

Photogrammetry uses many photos of an object from multiple angles which the computer then uses to reconstruct a 3D version.

While Photogrammetry does not work well for glass or particularly shiny metals, it works very well on cloth, stone, wood and most food. Plastic can also be scanned reasonably well assuming that it isn’t too shiny.

Unity and Unreal Engines

We allow you to use a range of systems to create holograms that are high-quality, realistic and fully-immersive for your users:

Unity Engine Support for Holographics

By downloading Axiom Holographics’ Unity for Holographics Toolkit and integrating it into their projects, users of Axiom Holographics’ Hologram Systems can harness the immense power of Unity Engine.

Unreal Engine Real-Time Visualisation Support

Utilize Unreal Engine to generate hyper-realistic Holographic visuals, and then transmit it to an Axiom Holographics framework for the ultimate social immersive adventure. Take advantage of the robust workflow tools, visually appealing shaders, and post-processing features to build lifelike simulations and speculate 3D graphics. Save time by recycling previous Unreal projects and amaze your customers by enveloping them in your data via the power of Holographics. Choose between Hologram Rooms, Hologram Walls, or Hologram Tables. Axiom Holographics caters to clients who have already constructed advanced 3D visuals using Unreal and Unity Engine, hence the company offers free plugins that make it easier to transport existing content to the company’s Hologram systems.

Fully-Featured Unity Toolkit Sample to get you up-and-going quickly with your Hologram Device.

Everything that you see in your Unity and Unreal scenes is perfectly replicated as a Hologram.

Build an interactive 3D Presentation in hours without prior experience.

Example of Custom Content #1

An example of what can be easily created is the shopping mall architectural demo that comes with the Hologram Devices. People begin the presentation on the outside of the mall. There are three large signs directing to levels 1, 2, and 3. When the user clicks one of these buttons the presentation will move to show off each of these floors. In addition, each of these floors has signs pointing to specific landmarks and stores, which move the user to those locations.

Each bookmark has a recorded voice to describe and explain each of the bookmarks and the features of the mall. This presentation can be made in about four hours using the Present software.

Example of Custom Content #2

Another simple presentation is the museum menu. Each artefact has been loaded in and connected to a different bookmark. The artefacts rotate on the spot. The menu is a collection of buttons, each of which is its own object. When selecting a button, a person is moved to a new bookmark. Thus a menu of museum artefacts is achieved. This same system can be used for food or other objects. This presentation can be made in about three hours using the Present software.

Our simple tools allow you to build interactive systems to expose your users to your brand.

Advanced Features When Building Custom Content

In addition to using Present normal functions, it also has a complete Lua interpreter. There is a working, functional chess game on the Hologram Table that demonstrates the logic and interactivity that Present offers. You can also build content using our powerful API known as HoloAPI which works over TCP/IP and allows you to control our devices in real time.

One example of this use is to connect with live traffic updates or public transport routes. We have an example of this in our Unity Toolkit Sample where we show an example of how to render all of the busses, trains, ferries and planes near our office in Brisbane, Australia – but you could implement this for your city too.

Manage corporate or military assets in real time using holograms and our hologram devices

Live interfaces can be built to show real-time date from your data feeds.

Hologram Rooms can transport you to entirely different worlds where the walls disappear

Hologram Rooms can be used to show entire cities to plan new works or check out the view from your new apartment.

Scanning-In Cities

If you would like to view or work with an entire city on the Hologram Table then our partner company Aerometrex is one of the world’s leading aerial scanning firms. They will fly over your city using planes, drones or helicopters to develop a full 3D scan, detailed according to how low they fly.

If you would like a hologram of a city, we may already have it scanned! Please contact us and we will check our database to see if we have, and then put you in contact with whoever is selling it.

Custom Content Creation By Axiom

If you would like a specific Hologram Presentation to be made, then Axiom is able to provide at a reasonable cost. We have many artists and a strong content production team, making up the most experienced group in this field and developing many hologram games and presentations each year. You can supply your own artwork, or we can make it for you. We can visit your premises and scan single objects or entire environments. Sometimes restaurants want us to scan their food, sometimes tourist destinations, factories or shopping malls want us to scan in environments for presentations. We have even been asked to recreate holograms of cars or jewellery. We can custom build whatever your imagination can think of! Pricing is available on request.

Escape Frankenstein is a 30-minute “escape room” Hologram Room experience built by our team.

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