Axiom Holographics Hologram Room

Welcome to the future of immersive experiences with our cutting-edge Hologram Room. Our industry-leading holographic technology pushes the boundaries of innovation, delivering awe-inspiring visual spectacles that captivate and engage audiences like never before. 

What is the Hologram Room?

The Hologram Room is one of our more impressive devices, producing the largest holograms, such as life-sized models or recreations of various objects. 

A fully-enclosed portable room, this device is filled with projectors and tracking equipment that project objects inside so they appear as if they are floating. 

When inside, you can fully immerse yourself in the holographic projections, as the Hologram Room’s walls turn invisible, giving the illusion you are physically in the large, open holographic space.

Who can use the Hologram Room?

Whether you’re looking for a new, futuristic form of entertainment or want to elevate your next business presentation, our Hologram Room is available for use.

For Business

For business purposes, the Hologram Room can be used to show large-scale plans or life-size CAD models – think interactive holograms of buildings, cars and aircraft designs.

One key user will be able to inspect and interrogate the model within the room with up to seven other users simultaneously sharing the 3D view. 

Our Hologram Rooms come with their own software that allows you to create and upload your own content.

Alternatively, we also supply a cost-effective service to create the content you would like to display.

For Entertainment

Our Hologram Room has redefined the gaming industry and experience. Players can fully insert themselves into the game and its landscape, leaving behind the real world temporarily.

When playing games, we only allow a maximum of five players per full-sized session (up to 30 minutes). The session contains up to 10 mini-experiences that players may take turns having. There can only be one player per experience to ensure the highest quality holographic images.

We also offer an Arcade Room that can take up to 4 users at a time where guests can play games with a giant joypad in holographic 3D.

One bonus feature of the Hologram Room is the camera mode, which activates between mini-sessions. Normally, you can’t take photos of the holograms, so this is a world-first for players wishing to memorialise the experience, allowing your guests to download a social-media-ready photo or video of themselves at your centre.



Technical Specifications

  • Hologram Room is 5m x 2.9m with a depth of 4.5m.
  • Projections appear in a 2m x 5m trapezium.

What value does it provide?

  • The Hologram Room is very easy to use – no complicated cords or continuous calibration of tracking systems.
  • You can see through your 3D glasses and make eye-contact with colleagues during your immersive experience – you are not isolated!
  • Maintain situational awareness, and experience significantly less motion sickness compared with virtual reality.
  • Up to 6 users can share the social Holographic experience – walk through your data and share context with stakeholders
  • Professional – no ‘science experiment’ feeling – our Hologram Room has no tethering you, and the operating system is mature and stable.
  • Powerful sales tool – science fiction meets the boardroom!
  • Self enclosed to provide a private space and darkened environment.

The Hologram Room in Detail

  • The Hologram Room is a free-standing structure 
    projectors and a normal PC, it is a turn-key solution with all hardware
    and software provided, along with expert installation and training by
    our certified technicians.
  • Support for Unity and Unreal Engines allow custom content creation out-of-the-box
  • We’ve built our Hologram user interface with the mantra “could grandma use this?” so you can be sure it’ll be easy to pick up and use
  • Support available for rendering and interaction with other software, including Skyline TerraExplorer and Euclideon udStream.

The Hologram Room is best for immersing yourself in a space. For a more strategic overall view, consider a Hologram Table, or for a front-on perspective which is more portable, consider exploring our Hologram Wall

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