Axiom Holographics Hologram Wall

Break free from traditional displays and unlock the potential of 3D holographic storytelling. Our holographic technology brings your visions to life with breathtaking imagery of epic proportions.

What is the Hologram Wall?

The Hologram Wall acts as the ‘portal’ between reality and the future of content production. Perfect for education, advertising and entertainment services, this hologram projector device does not use a holographic screen, but projects holograms out from the wall and into the room, floating in mid-air

This powerful projector is mounted either on the floor or the wall itself, with a portable hologram projector option also available to users. Our Hologram Wall is the only device that can run holographic tours of real-world locations.

How does the Holographic Wall work?

The Hologram Wall has two main modes. The first allows users to set up holographic projects at almost any holographic image size for numerous industries. Our high-resolution projector can display images and content with animation and interactivity that can be used in many different ways. For example, you can make a menu of 3D hologram food, a simulation of safety and training, or an architectural presentation of a building that does not exist.

The second mode of this holograph projector is for creating holographic tours of real places. Our Hologram Wall is the best hologram projector for this function, with 360-degree viewing angles of the setting. The device’s laser holographic projection produces a richer colour than traditional projectors, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the location scenery and have a unique viewing experience.

Types of Hologram Walls

Axiom Holographics offers three different Hologram Wall projector devices to users to elevate their brand to extraordinary levels and attract attention.


In this form, the device is permanently fixed to the wall, and requires a ceiling height of 2.7m. A wall-mounted Hologram Wall is best used in public places and fixed locations, as it is inaccessible to the reaching hands of the public general users.


Our portable device can be packed into two-wheeled suitcases. This allows you to bring your presentations to clients further abroad, and is perfect for trade shows and conferences, or office and classrooms where space is an issue.

Technical Specifications

  • The Hologram Wall is a 3.6m x 2.0m x 10.0m immersive space for 1 user and up to 20 spectators that fits any boardroom, office or classroom
  • Holoverse Professional and Present Holographic presentation builder and viewer software are included with all Hologram Walls
  • Stereo speakers are included to add exciting soundscapes to your Holograms
  • Wall-Mounted version with permanent frame or portable version with travel-ready road cases available
  • Optional wall-mount control unit for a professional ‘one-button’ tool for launching your holographic apps

What value does it provide?

  • The Hologram Wall is very easy to use – no complicated cords and complex tracking systems
  • You can see through your 3D glasses and make eye-contact during your immersive experience – you are not isolated!
  • Big audience – up to 20 users can share the social Holographic experience
  • Professional – no ‘science experiment’ feeling. Our Hologram Wall has no cords.
  • Powerful sales tool – because you can make eye-contact while using the Hologram Wall, you can talk more persuasively during presentations
  • Works in lit rooms, with our latest advancements in tracking technology

The Hologram Wall in Detail

  • The Hologram Wall is very easy to setup– powered by an Intel NUCPC, it is a turn-key solution with all hardware and software provided, along with expert installation and training by our certified technicians.
  • Support for Unity and Unreal Engines allow custom content creation out-of-the-box
  • We’ve built our Hologram user interface with the mantra “could grandma use this?” so you can be sure it’ll be easy to pick up and use
  • Support available for rendering and interaction with other software, including Unreal Engine, Unity EngineSkyline TerraExplorer and Euclideon udStream.

Use Axiom Holographics’ Present and Holoverse Professional software to create Holographic slide shows. Just like Microsoft PowerPoint, you create a set of slides with text, except that now you can model entire 3D Holographic scenes on each slide. Included with purchase.

The Hologram Wall is best for looking at environments from a front-on perspective, for a bird’s perspective consider exploring our Hologram Table layout.

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