Our Partners and Friends

Axiom Holographics is proud to work alongside the following respected organisations.

NVIDIA is a world-leader in graphics and accelerated computing technology. Our Hologram Devices utilise state-of-the-art professional series graphics cards from NVIDIA which enable rendering of enormous and complex data.

Axiom Holographics is proudly part of the NVIDIA Inception Program and is developing integrations into Omniverse for Digital Twin applications. Omniverse integration is being developed for our product range.

Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences.

We use Unreal Engine to produce photo-realistic hologram content and recommend it to our clients who are looking to create visually stunning scenes. Unreal Engine is supported across our products.

Unity Engine is an extremely flexible and easy-to-learn 3D creation tool for quick results and interactive scenes.

We recommend Unity Engine to our clients who are looking for a way to build interactive hologram content that works on multiple devices. Unity Engine is supported across our products.

OpEzee are our exclusive partners in the India region, with their main office situated in Bangalore.

Boasting a full services team, OpEzee are well-versed in the art of the Hologram and have produced and managed many impressive projects and demonstrations.

Skyline Software boast best-in-class mesh streaming and rendering capabilities, automated and live drone-to-device photogrammetry, and cloud data services. Skyline is trusted worldwide by governments and organisations to provide reliable data visualisation on multiple devices simultaneously with powerful tools such as viewsheds, satellite terrain, feature layers, and more.

Skyline’s TerraExplorer is compatible with our Hologram Table and Hologram Wall.

TWOMC are our partners in the South East Asia region, with a demo showroom in both Singapore and Indonesia. 

With a background in digital marketing and a particular interest in XR applications, TWOMC are a perfect partner for developing cross-platform solutions for the hologram age. We have worked for years alongside TWOMC to develop answers to complex problems across a range of different industries.

Interested in working with us?

Axiom Holographics is constantly innovating and exploring new concepts and techniques. If you feel that you or your business has some synergy with hologram visuals, please reach out to us, we’d love to talk.