Stage Holograms and Hologram Presentations

What are Stage Holograms?

Our Stage Hologram utilizes state-of-the-art laser projection on a polymer silk screen, creating an illusion that will leave your audience in awe. With special light wavelengths, we make the screen appear invisible, allowing us to build holograms in various shapes and sizes. What sets Axiom Holographics apart is our groundbreaking technology that takes 3D depth effects to a whole new level. By incorporating multiple layers of polymer silk, we achieve unparalleled depth and realism. Our innovation allows flat objects to come alive, seemingly projecting two meters of depth, captivating your audience with a truly immersive experience. 

When should I use a Stage Hologram?

For large shows and events, our Stage Hologram truly shines. The hologram’s ability to establish direct eye contact with each individual creates an unparalleled connection between the speaker and the audience. Witness as your audience warms up to the speaker, feeling personally addressed and captivated by the holographic presence.

With Axiom Holographics, your presentations will transcend traditional boundaries, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in the room. Step onto the stage of innovation and redefine the way you engage your audience with Axiom Holographics’ Stage Hologram. Let us unlock the full potential of holographic technology and bring your presentations to life with an extraordinary level of depth, realism, and connection.

Technical Specifications

  • Stage Holograms require controlled lighting and whilst moveable, are not particularly portable.
  • Hologram projection can be between 2m tall and 1m wide up to 3m tall and 20m wide. Multi-layer holograms possible.
  • Present Holographic presentation builder and viewer software are included with all Hologram Stages, allowing you to build 3D presentations as easy as in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Surround speakers are included to add exciting soundscapes to your holograms.

What value does it provide?

While other companies’ stage holograms may feel recorded and lackluster, Axiom Holographics’ holograms are in a league of their own. Our cutting-edge technology creates the illusion that the hologram is making direct eye contact with every person in the room simultaneously. This unique feature ensures that your audience feels personally engaged, as if the hologram is speaking directly to them. 

We believe in creating connections and making your audience feel seen and heard – that’s why we say, “Holograms care more.”

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