Axiom Holographics Hologram Table

Experience the future of visual technology with our groundbreaking Hologram Table. Combining state-of-the-art projection systems, advanced optics, and cutting-edge holographic medium, you can deliver an unparalleled visual spectacle in the boardroom.

What is the Hologram Table?

Axiom’s Hologram Table uses patented technology to create interactive holograms out of light that seem real, but you can put your hand straight through them. These Holograms are life-sized and can be interactive animated 3D models, CAD models, or even laser scans of entire cities. Our device is the only holographic table in the world that can host multiple users.

The Hologram Table operating system is simple and loads up most 3D model formats. After just one training session, you’ll be building futuristic hologram presentations in your workplace.

Hologram Tables used for asset tracking and data management

Why did we invent the Hologram Table?

At Axiom Holographics, we wanted to create a truly social holographic experience that would fit in virtually any existing space and be easy to use. We wanted to let users make eye contact and interact amongst rich, immersive holographic simulations. Our Hologram Table meets all of these requirements and allows you to show off your data in the best way.

With an embedded projection system, holograms are projected for each user up from the table, around 50cm and down into the table by more than 1m. This kind of flexibility is unique in the industry and there is no one else who has figured out this kind of technology.

Technical Specifications

  • The Hologram Table is a 2.16m x 2.16m immersive surface for 2 independent users and up to 4 co-spectators that fits any boardroom, office or classroom
  • Holoverse Professional and Present Holographic presentation builder and viewer software are included with all Hologram Tables, allowing you to prepare holographic presentations as easily as in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Stereo speakers are included to add exciting soundscapes to your Holograms, along with a touch-screen control panel for easy administration of the device and control of the display.
  • 2 pairs of Tracked 3D glasses and 2 sets of 3D wands included, alongside co-viewer glasses for audience participation.
  • Separate ‘Audience View’ external monitor included to allow a larger audience to see the action on the Hologram Table, with the external view able to show what the users are looking at.
  • Product software allows you to convert and upload your own scan and point cloud data.

What value does it provide?

  • The Hologram Table is very easy to use – no complicated cords or continuous calibration of tracking systems.
  • The device can be used to demonstrate polygon models, such as CAD or architectural designs, and display digital models of an entire city, town or building right down to the most minute detail. 
  • You can see through your 3D glasses and make eye contact with colleagues during your immersive experience – you are not isolated!
  • Maintain situational awareness, and experience significantly less motion sickness compared with virtual reality. 
  • With our advanced hologram technology, up to 6 users can share the social Holographic experience, making our device the only multi-user hologram table in the world. 
  • Professional – no ‘science experiment’ feeling – our Hologram Table has no tethering you, and the operating system is mature and stable.
  • Powerful sales tool – science fiction meets the boardroom!
  • Works in lit rooms with our latest advancements in tracking technology.

The Hologram Table in Detail

  •  The Hologram Table is very easy to setup– powered by Delta
  • projectors and a normal PC, it is a turn-key solution with all hardware and software provided, along with expert installation and training by our certified technicians.
  • Support for Unity and Unreal Engines allows custom content creation out-of-the-box
  • We’ve built our Hologram user interface with the mantra, “Could grandma use this?” so you can be sure it’ll be easy to pick up and use.
  • Support available for rendering and interaction with other software, including Unreal Engine, Unity EngineSkyline TerraExplorer and Euclideon udStream
  • Competitor devices may allow one user to get close to an object, or multiple viewers to view an object from a distance. This is the only device that will allow two people to get very close to objects at the same time.

The Hologram Table is best for looking at large flat areas from a bird’s perspective, or for a more strategic overall view. For a front-on perspective, consider exploring our Hologram Wall or Hologram Room layouts.

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