Holographic Tours

Real places can be recorded to be played back on a Hologram Wall device


Walk around with our 360º scanning device and create holographic tours of real-world places. Holographic tours can then be replayed on the hologram wall.

The device consists of 360º camera on a long pole with positioning and accuracy lasers on the bottom, it weighs 9kgs.
A person carries this device around the environment they want to scan.

The scan is then brought into our special software which converts it into a holographic tour.

Our real-world filming device is very easy to use and requires only a little training

The Technology of Holographic Tours

Freedom of Movement

With a normal video a person can only watch. They have no control over direction,and can only see what the video wants to show them. Our holographic tours, in contrast, are interactive.
The user has a controller in their hand and can choose the paths they go down.

In this way, the user can explore an environment freely as though it were a computer game.

True Depth in a Holographic Tour

When a person views a photograph, there is no sense of depth. It is a challenge to show the user just how big or magnificent an object truly is.

With Axiom Holographics’ tour technology the device projects the world with real depth instead of a flat image. A holographic tour looks like a hole in the wall to the real-world place that you scanned in.

Ultra-high Resolution

At present most videos on your computer are displayed in 2k. The world is talking about moving to 4k over the next five years.

Our holographic tours are recorded at 8k for each eye (double-8k).
We have achieved this by making our own “double 8k interactive stereoscopic video codec”. This technology allows full wrap-around digital scans where individual objects can be zoomed in, and it all runs at 24 frames per second.

Real World Size

When you go to the movies and you see Spiderman’s face on screen, you know it isn’t real because no one’s face is as big as a screen. Instead, with holographic tours each object is calibrated to closely match real-world sizes, so a person really does feel like they are in the real environment.

Living Environments inside a holographic Tour

With normal 360º photos there is no movement like birds, running water or wind in the trees. Our scanning device captures all these things, it even shows people as they walk around. You can even use it to three-dimensionally record “tour guides” who can direct people during the tour. As well as this, you can add audio tracks to assist with providing the holographic tour.

Once you have a 3D scene captured with a holographic tour scanner, you can use the same Hologram Wall to view as-built LiDAR scans using our Holoverse Professional software.

Advantage over Laser Scanning

Laser scanners do not capture transparent objects. Alternatively, water and glass will come up perfectly in a holographic tour. Shiny objects or metal also often fail to scan correctly with laser scanners, but in a holographic tour metal and shiny objects come up very well.

Disadvantage over Laser Scanning

A holographic tour does not give you measurement capabilities. If you want to measure the real world for surveying purposes, we recommend using a typical LiDAR scanner along with our special scanner.