Hologram Rooms for Entertainment


A Hologram Room is a large room/box made of a metal frame and fabric. Inside the rooms are projectors and tracking equipment that project objects inside that appear to be floating in the air. The Hologram Room’s walls make the space look much bigger on the inside as it appears the walls turn invisible so that it looks like you are in a large open space.

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Use Case

Hologram entertainment is an impressive new attraction that has proven very popular at our various Arcades.

Size of Device

The front of the Hologram Room is 5m (16.4ft) wide, and it extends back 4.5m (13.1ft). It is 2.9m (9.5ft) tall.

Special Requirements

The Hologram is a fully enclosed room so it does not require darkness outside. It is portable, but this requires about a day and four people to rebuild (for ceiling height please see above).


Hologram projections fill most of the room. The projection area is a trapezium that is 2m by 5m. Within this space, objects float freely in the air.

Number of Users

A maximum of five people in a full-sized session. During the games you would have one “main player” who is playing the experience as the others observe. The main player swaps to the next person after each mini experience.

There are normally about 10 mini experiences in a half-hour session. The other users watch the main player, but be aware that the holograms will be slightly distorted.

Special Features

Another feature of the Hologram Entertainment Room is that in between mini-sessions the room goes into camera mode, allowing players can take photographs with their friends in their adventure.

Normally you cannot take photos of holograms, so we use a special alternative mode to allow this.

Comparison to other devices

The Hologram Room is one of the more impressive devices because it can produce the largest holograms. It is most valuable for showing life-sized recreations or playing games.

While Hologram Arcade Machines are also available for gaming, Hologram Entertainment Rooms allow for larger-than-life immersive experiences.


We release a new full-sized experience every year.